1. Request for regional structure and also to have a labour desk and gender desk in the branches of EFFSC so that the EFfsc can be able to deal with the gender based violence and in sourcing in the institution of higher learning

  2. Luyanda Ndlovu

    Good Afternoon EFFSC Officials

    Just to make a submission on the SRC DEPLOYMENT PROPOSAL, Yeah i fully agree that there should be a deployment commmittee at a branch level for SRC deployment and we all understand that branches during SRC elections tend to be very factional because of power, i then suggest that the deplyment committe should be monitored by the BSCT top five for fairness reasons, Then other points for guidelines are as follows.

    1. One to become an SRC must be a member of both EFF/SC and verification must be done prio before he/she becomes as a SRC candidate.
    2,He/She must have been a member atleast a year upon his/her arrival in that institutions to ensure that we deploy people who are aware of dynamics in student governance of that particular campus.
    3, SRC deployees must also contributes a party levy of 40% towards their branch to make sure that no branch operates under zero budget to be able to make programs and but tshirts without depending in mother body

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